Monday, May 30, 2016
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Saturday, 30 January 2016 18:25


2016 King of the Hammer2014 King of the Hammers-9641s

 The King of the Hammers is really something to see and this year was no exception. They say this is the toughest off road race anywhere in the world. The race course is made up of 165 miles of open desert, sand dunes, rocks that will eat most vehicles and the racers are limited to 15 hours to complete it. It’s no surprise such a small percentage car teams complete the race.  This means only a small percent of those who try to qualify will actually finish the race. Forget about winning just finishing is a large accomplishment. This years top spot was taken by Eric Miller with a 7:30:55 very impressive given that only 31 vehicles finished the race.



A couple of our members decided

to take their shot at Chocolate

Thunder and I have to say they

made it look pretty easy.

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