Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Monday, 24 August 2015 16:01


A Rough Ride Thru Off Road Heven!


  After my seventh trip across the Dusy I return home to the same sense of inspiration I felt the first time I ran the trail. If there’s such a thing as off road heaven this trail comes as close to it as any I’ve ever experienced.

  What motivates a person to travel long distances, just to drive over rocks in the wide open wilderness, at great risk of vehicle damage and emotional distress to go camping and fishing? It’s simple, it’s the love of the outdoors; the adrenaline rush created by the thoughts of a catastrophic vehicle fTrav-Fire-Gifailure in the middle of nowhere without the option of turning back or using a phone a friend. The fear is real but is almost always replaced by sheer relief when reaching your next destination with an operational rig. The risk is unavoidable but necessary to get away from everything civilized to enjoy pristine places that most will never experience; it’s worth the risk and believe it or not it’s part of the fun.


 2015 Dusy Ershim-9915 The Dusy-Ershim Trail is for jeepers what the John Muir Trail is for hikers, the Colorado River is for rafters and the Mt Everest is for mountain climbers. It is the pinnacle of off road trails in the lower 48, bar none. It’s not for everyone but it’s for me. Rock Crawling is a challenge all on its own but the Dusy adds several degrees of difficulty over the average trail. It has the full potential to beat the 2015 Dusy Ershim-9923joy right out of you, if you let it but can also thrill, inspire and refresh your soul. A challenge is defined by the difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it. This trail is definitely a challenge and as I’ve always been told that nothing great ever comes easy and this trail is no exception. It’s hard to explain to those who haven’t experienced this type of off road adventure, a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome. This definition perfectly describes a trek across this trail but if you’re prepared there are more than enough rewards to outweigh the uncertain outcomes.

 Once you reach a place like Ershim Lake all the stress and body pains of the trail just fade away. This is what makes the tr2015 Dusy Ershim-0168ek all worth, it has everything needed to relax and regenerate and it’s guaranteed to be crowd free. This is an awesome place to dig out your fishin’ pole, grab a beer and catch your next meal. Hey…what’s a risk without a reward? I have come to the conclusion that despite some who might bitch, moan and complain that this place is off road Heaven. Sure it’s difficult to get there, sure there are bumps in the road and you may experience catastrophic failures but only a few will follow and the rewards will be unforgetable.

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2015 Dusy Ershim-0181

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