Monday, May 25, 2015
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Tuesday, 07 April 2015 21:26


Another Great Big Bear Weekend.2015 Palm Sunday-0013996

  It was time to once again hit the trails. We had been planning to go to Cougar Buttes but the weekend weather was a little too warm for the desert. Plan B was a trek to Big Bear and a great decision it was. We experienced very light crowds on the mountain because it was between skiing and lake season but it was perfect for us. There really isn’t bad day to go wheelin but this one was perfect for sure. We decided to attempt more drone footage of our event and it definitely adds a new perspective to our video shots but if you’re not familiar with flying one it can bit more challenging than running the trails. We had a good deal of success at both and nobody crash and burn.

 2015 Palm Sunday-0024171  Every club has their characters and Dave is one of ours so you’re never sure just what’s going to happen when he’s there. Let’s just say if something is going to go wrong or break…Dave will either be nearby or in direct contact with said situation or carnage, it’s in his DNA. With that said he has managed his way through more trail breakage than most and still keeps a pretty good attitude about trying again. With his long list of mishaps I’m amazed he only destroyed a mirror on this outing but it certainly makes the trail run more enjoyable. Nobody said this was a risk free pastime but Vegas odds are against him. Our trip to Big Bear was almost completely uneventful and in the wheelin world that’s as good as it gets.

2015 Palm Sunday-0044632

  A little side note to folks trying to sign up on the site, if you have tried signing up and your account disappears; email us and let us know. The site is being spammed to the tune of thousands of sign ups a day. I have to delete these false accounts and there is no way to read through them all to see who’s legit.         

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