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Transfer Case  Rodeo!

      I’m of the opinion that any day wheelin’ is better than any day workin’.  Rock crawlin’ isn’t just a fad for me or the latest attempt to find myself. If I’m not on the trail, I’m planning to be and if the trip isn’t on the calendar it’s only because I haven’t penciled in. Let’s just say the dirt and rocks are in my blood and some of that dirt is pretty old. Maybe I’m just getting crusty but I’ve noticed a new wave of off roader, it’s like the blue blood class of jeep owner. They buy a rig for the season and if it fails to make them look good it’s sold at the next auction. 40 inch tires have become the new Double D breast enlargement… they’re initially admired for their beauty but become less treasured with wear and balance. Last week we took a trip to Big Bear during Forest Fest and boy were we in for a show. We as a club generally avoid large events, not because were anti social but because when we bought our jeeps we did so to get away from the crowd not join it. The potential for an enjoyable challenge to become a train wreck is greatly increase with large numbers of people and after a drive through riverside who needed another debacle. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching others struggle with their line, especially if they have certain bumper stickers on their rig.  We’ve all come across that guy who thought skinny jeans were cool… then he decided to buy a jeep and now thinks he’s an off roader. Awkward can’t even begin to explain skinny jeans and a three foot leap into a jeep. Most people understand you don’t go to the rodeo in plaid shorts, cowboy boots and your ball cap on sideways, it has become obvious to me that some people aren’t in touch with America’s new dysfunctional norms and I admit I’m one of them. I say this because it’s never dawned on me to have matching luggage for my jeep but I guess I’m not everyone. The closest thing I’ve seen to this kind of silliness is when Rhett Carter tried to use a shredded tire as a hood ornament or wheForest Fest-0222n Ken Steele bolted a kitchen cabinet to his tire carrier and called it trail rated. Bad ideas can be part of the fun but buying a jeep can’t make you a rock crawler anymore than a microphone can make you a good singer. Ken’s trail rated box didn’t bring him admiration, it just made him funny and I see nothing funny about skinny jeans. With the current popularity of the jeep we’re certainly bound to be stunned by more trail faux pas. The transfer case rodeo isn’t for everyone and this weekend’s event proved just because can afford Double D’s doesn’t mean you know how to throw them around on John Bull. I saw plenty examples of dressed up rigs having difficulties that God never intended. Forest Fest is a good cause but good causes can’t make great drivers out of indoor people, no matter how much flair they bring to the trail.


 The moral of the story is; don’t piss off the trail gods by being a train wreck trying to wear skinny jeans to the transfer case rodeo.    


  Speaking of train wrecks,daniel 3 Daniel has shown us what they look like. Weeks after destroying his transfer case he becomes the first victim in history of a vicious stump attack. Be on the look out for these wild stumps.

Stump Attack

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