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 RETURNING TO THE BEST TRAIL ANYWHERE!dusy 2010 day one 54 20100826 1040955595

 It is that time again and those thinking of going to the Dusy but arn't quite sure let me give you a little help. It is my opinion that the Dusy represents one of the best off road challenges anywhere. The 4x4 Corps has been to Moab and it's one of my favorite places without a doubt but if you want to know my favorite trail it's the Dusy! It might not be for everyone but if you love off road adventure, camping, fishing and class 10 four wheeling in some of the most spectacular land anywhere then I can't think of another trail to run. We are two weeks away from our annual trail run and I assure you it shouldn't be missed. August 11th-16th should be on your calender. If you're sitting on the fence I suggest you get off it! This is not your adverage run this is an experience of a life time. I'm reposting the blog from my first trip across the Dusy in 2009. If it doesn't convince you then you're just a fence sitter. Don't be affriad of the mosquito's they are only bad in July. If you know what's good for you  you'll be part of this adventure!


Trail Information  

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Jul 14, 2009DSC 2032

 As an avid off roader I’m always looking for the next big adventure and I have found it in the Dusy-Ershim Trail. I've  wanted to take a trip to this trail for almost two years after reading about it. I had two major reasons for making this run now. One, Ryan Abbott who has spent the last two months building his Jeep for the club run wouldn’t be able to make it because he’s being lat moved to Texas. Two, the club run is just a little over a month away and it wouldn’t be wise to organize an event on a trail that I’ve never traveled. These are both good reasons to make this trip and I learned a lot of important information. What started as a blind challenge became a great adventure.DSC 2037

  The trail would offer enough challenges, who knew that the L.A. traffic would be one of the biggest challenges in our adventure. We planned for several hours on the road but L.A. added several more. This town could only be part of an excellent adventure if you passed though it in record time, we tried. One hundred and fifty miles north of L.A. Ryan received a call from work. It turns out if he doesn’t return to work Monday morning there would be hell to pay, so our adventure was shortened by 24 hours. We decided to adventure on, only faster. At this point we had no idea if this could be accomplished but we would not be denied. What’s an adventure without uncertainty? 

   We finally made the trail head almost nine hours later. The beauty of the areaDSC 2047 was surprising and the excitement of the challenge was building but the pressure of time was on us. It may have been the thin air but the odd set of circumstances made for a crazy kind of mental high. We were on a mission and knew that failure was not an option. We started down the trail not knowing what to expect but we intended on getting as far as possible before we could go no more. What made this part of the adventure difficult was the scenery. It was hard to pay attention to the challenges at hand. We found ourselves gazing out the window instead of driving our Jeeps. This problem went away as the sun set. We continued down the trail for six and a half hours, accomplishing one of the more difficult sections of trail just before making camp. Ryan made this more entertaining by throwing a couple of tantrums along the trail but the real pressure was on him.     DSC 2054      

The next morning came too fast, mostly because both of us spent some of our sleeping time listening for bears. We did everything right but the bears are only interested in one thing, our food. Luckily are fears were never realized but this didn’t give us our sleep back. After packing up we were ready to get back to business. The mosquitoes would do their very best to slow our progress. Thank God, I had some repellant in my Jeep. We would have been eaten alive without it, and we were worried about the bears!

  DSC 2072DSC 2092

 Back on the trail life was good. The weather was beautiful, the trail was challenging and the mosquitoes don’t like moving targets. The song on the radio was “ Jeep Jeep” by Krista Marie. Ryan was convinced the song was about him,  that made for a good laugh. I think the stars had aligned or at least the rocks in the road. I have rarely experienced such a perfect scenario for off- roading. We were traveling along in 4-wheel heaven, we had plenty to worry about but it didn’t matter. We finally reached East Lake. Ron probably thinks this is an area of Chula Vista, not!  It’s a beautiful little lake and a great place to stop and eat lunch. Brats on the grill, beverages in hand, what more could you ask for? After tightening a few bolts it was time to get back on the trail. We had been through a lot already but we were only 17 miles in on a 33 mile trail.

DSC 2102   As we continued on, a few things really struck us, no pun intended. The forest is very dense, the trail is very tight and there are more tree strikes than all the other trails I’ve been on, combined. Most of this had to be due to pure laziness or poor driving skills, but some of these trees almost kissed my Jeep. This trail really demands your full attention but has more distractions than any other I’ve encountered. Meadows, brooks, streams, mountains, lakes and it seem to be non-stop. Did I forget to mention the class 10 trail. We passed several more lakes and finally made it to Lakecamp Lake. We decided to stop and take a look, it was dusk and we found our first set of bear tracks along the edge of the lake. We decided not to hang around too long, it wasn’t the bears that made us move along, it was the mosquitoes. I can think of nothing redeeming about these bugs. Just as it was gettingDSC 2117 dark we made it to White Bark Vista . This was described as the most difficult sections of the trail and it lived up to the description. It’s only a mile and a half long but can seem like a hundred when you’re tired and it’s dark. We powered on and made it to the end of the trail. It was 11:30 at night and we had just spent fifteen and a half hours on the trail, a personal record for one day.

DSC 2137DSC 2170

  Some may call us crazy and maybe we are but we had just completed one of the most challenging trails known to the off-road community. We ended up running the most difficult sections at night and did it without damage to our vehicles. All I could think was ”WOW!” That mental high was back. Our fuel lights had been on for two hours. We’ve traveled 33 miles, overcame some huge obstacles and made it off the trail in twenty nine and a half hours. Ten of which were dedicated to sleeping, eating and exploring. We challenged the bugs, bears and time and trail challenged us back. The pressure was off and Ryan was smiling from ear to ear. I can’t think of another person I would rather take this challenge with. He has a great ability roll with flow, even if the flow is rushing. This place does so much to renew your wild spirit that nothing else seems to matter. I’ve never been so tired, excited, refreshed and wowed all at once. The Dush-Ershim is truly the king of trails. It is an experience worth taking and one I will never forget! Knowing what I know now, I can tell you that rushing through this trail in record time is crazy but it made for a most excellent adventure. 

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