Sunday, November 29, 2015
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  As off roaders we often like to take advantage of the change in weather to give our trail experience a new dynamic. The 4x4 Corps loves to jump into spring with a trip to Cougar Buttes and Bullfrog trail. This area not only offers great fun for those who love a good off road challenge but has some of the most gorgeous views and scenery of any desert trails. We really enjoy it for this reason but on this occasion Mother Nature put on particularly beautiful show. There were spring showers, desert flowers; and we brought the jeeps, friends and fun. This last weekend’s trip to Bullfrog trail made for an exceptional off road experience.

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   IMG 0087Saturday’s weather was warm and nearly summer like with slightly overcast skies but it’s exactly what the off road gods were asked for. Ken started our day with that all familiar pop that brings the wagon train to a stop. It takes a fine sense of hearing to differentiate the sound of a U-joint failure and a bound up bushing. After a second inspection it was clear his passenger side u-joint had taken a dump. This is an easy fix when you carry the parts and we had them. Although breakdowns are never really fun or totally avoidable they do add subject matter to the banter list. Ken will remain a target for the club’s banter for this reason and that by itself makes it all worth it. Despite this small setback we reached our favorite camp area long before sunset. This gave the group a chance to bask in the sun and chat with others tIMG 0056hey haven’t seen for awhile. This is really not a problem for the 4x4 Corps because our traditional night run has become the most talked about event when going to Bullfrog and we never miss the main event.

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  Sunday morning started with some strong gusty winds and clouds from the NorthIMG 0318 followed. As we were making breakfast a few drops of rain began to fall. This small spring storm made for beautiful valley skies unlike anything we'd exspected. As quickly as this storm found us it just as quickly moved away. The sun fully returned and provided us with a picture perfect off road afternoon. Life is full of unexpected blessings but this day made it obvious. Standing on a hill in awe and not having the words to explain what you see leaves a indelible mark on your brain and makes a explaination impossible. The old phrase of being in the right place at the right time seemed very fitting for this run but it’s true for so many of them. There’s no doubt that this event met all the expectations for a great event. We took advantage of everything the weekend and weather had to offer and the advantage was ours.

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